Why Live Video slays, with some help from GQ

Live Video gets better reach, gets people to stay, gets people to share, and – when it’s done well – gets people to like you more. So why aren’t you doing it?

Here’s the thing: we make a lot of videos. We love them, that’s part of why we started this business.

The problem, of course, is that so many businesses and brands are ready to write video off as too hard, too expensive, unnecessary. This is doubly true in the instance of live video, where shaky handheld live broadcasts don’t fit the aims and values of a business, but the resources aren’t there (yet) to produce broadcast-quality live video.

The statistics should give you at least five rock-solid reasons to want to bridge that gap.

1. Video is our life now. 100 million users watch video online every single day.

2. Live video is even better. 80% of audiences say they’d rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% say they prefer live video to any other social posts.

Fun fact: it also makes up about 50% of all mobile traffic, and is growing faster than all other types of online video.

3. They don’t just want video, they also want it to be pretty. 67% of viewers say quality’s the most important thing when they’re watching a live stream, and 62% of users say they’re more likely to view a brand negatively if it publishes poor-quality video.

4. It keeps people around. On average, people will spend 3.5 minutes watching a livestream on their mobile (vs 2.8 minutes for on-demand video) and a massive 34.5 minutes on desktop (as opposed to 2.6 minutes for on-demand video). 

5. Shares, shares, shares. Video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. So that’s pretty good.

Most of the businesses we work with don’t live stream every day, which is why we step in and provide producers, mixers, camera operators and directors to produce a Live broadcast that’s as simple or as complex as you need. For GQ, it was about producing a crisp, 45-minute Facebook Live stream from the red carpet at the Men of the Year Awards at ivy.

We set up a two-camera live broadcast fed directly to GQ Australia’s Facebook page, with interviews from local and international celebrities from Jon Hamm and Iggy Azalea to Jai Courtney, Julian McMahon, Peter Greste, Natasha Oakley, Fitzy and Wippa, Luke Bracey and Ben Mingay.

The winner was reach, engagement, and of course the sponsors featured in the Facebook Live: #GQMOTY Live from the Red Carpet was viewed more than 69,000 times, reaching over 200,000 unique users.

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