Going Live on Facebook with more than just your iPhone

The topic came up in Episode 2 of Lunchtime Hustle of how exactly we go live, so why not talk more about it?

Firstly, there’s absolutely NO reason that you can’t improve the look and feel of your Lives using just your phone, or a laptop.

But if you’re looking to integrate additional content, then it’s definitely worth investigating software options. Our choice? Wirecast.

The idea is to start with one live video feed, in the case of lunchtime Hustle, that’s a wide shot of our two faces talking, and then add the extra content you want to switch to. For us, that’s:

  • Videos or image files that we have saved on the laptop and add into Wirecast
  • A skype call with another person that we want to add to the Live broadcast
  • Even a ‘local desktop’ shot so that you can see what we have open on our computer, like a great article or landing page.

The great thing about wanting to test the waters with a streaming service is that there is a free, open-source option, but also that most services offer free trials, which means you can mess around with these a little and see if they meet your needs.

There are, obviously, limitations to what you can do with a fantastic piece of streaming software without looking at the video and audio equipment you’re working with. But that’s where people like us come in – if you have an event that demands a multi-camera broadcast quality shoot, we’re right here.

In the meantime, have fun exploring some of the software options on the market!

You might also want to read a little of the Facebook Live info page, or look at other options, like Livestream.