Very Live at the #Sydtrigue Summit

Discovery Networks' Amanda Herbert speaks at the 2017 Intrigue Summit in Sydney.

We are firm believers that Live video doesn’t mean having a studio at your disposal, but it also doesn’t have to mean you’re limited to just a phone or tablet.

We were delegates at the Intrigue Summit in Sydney on September 5-6, and along with learning so much about digital marketing, we also decided to throw on an impromptu Facebook Live on Salesgasm’s Facebook page.

To do it, we used a single camera and tripod, but still ran the broadcast from a laptop, meaning the set up wasn’t complex or difficult, but still giving us the flexibility to add in an interview from earlier in the day, as well as start and end slides.

We grabbed a few of the speakers on the day, including Discovery’s Amanda Herbert, Channel Zero’s Mikey Taylor, and Mad Paws’ Karim Mouahbi to give you a bit of an insight into the topics of the day. But more importantly, we also ran the Live from a small table off to the side while the other delegates grabbed lunch, because ultimately, it’s okay for Live video to feel LIVE. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be professionally lit and styled or controlled, and that’s what makes it interesting.

Hit play for a little behind-the-scenes insight into #sydtrigue 2017!