Starting your business: Tower Timbers case study

Starting up a business takes drive, planning, dedication … and a heap of collateral.

Aside from the legalities, the business plan, the logos and the website, selling a product or service requires imagery.

In the case of Tower Timbers, we were invited in during the planning process to take product shots and branding images of their growing range of handmade timber furniture and homewares, as well as a few portraits of the gorgeous family behind Tower Timbers.

So what else do you need to think about as you prepare to launch your business to the world?

Aside from portrait images (even if you hate doing them!), product images, and branding images, have you considered how video will help share your vision for the business, explain your services, or sell your products?

Hustle Media can put together a package to provide you with:

  • A range of crisp, clean images of your products for e-commerce or catalogues
  • A selection of styled images capturing your brand values, look and feel
  • Portraits of your founders, the family behind the business, or your key personnel
  • A 1-2 minute promotional video encapsulating the story and message behind your brand, illustrating your services or highlighting your products, including interviews with key staff and overlay vision of your business in action.

We can even use your logo to create on-brand custom intros/outros and supers for your videos.

Sound good? Why not get in touch!


A sample of our work with Tower Timbers:

What we provided: Hundreds of high-res, professional quality photographs, including individual images of their products, and images capturing their lifestyle and the look and feel of their range for branding purposes. See more on the Tower Timbers website!

Added benefits: These images were usable for ecommerce as well as across social media.